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7 New Business Opportunities in Malaysia 2019

With the launch of the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) in November 2017, the most obvious opportunity lies in e-commerce. In fact, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) projects e-commerce growth in Malaysia to reach 21% by 2020.

#1 Set Up Your Own E-commerce Website

With more and more Malaysians buying online, starting an e-commerce business can be very profitable.

There are so many easy website building tools like WordPress and Wix.

You can source products locally as well as from China. From China, you can source from Alibaba or Aliexpress. Or you can design your own products and own brand.

As the setup and running cost is low, it is very good for people who are new to running their own business.

#2 Sell on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

You buy and then sell products on Facebook or Instagram for a profit.

People who already have a large following on social media or is willing to spend time building the followers

Even if you don’t sell products directly to customers, you can also help other people promote their products for a fee.

You can reach a large, engaged audience at a low cost. Social media can be one of the best converting platforms for selling products.

However, it takes time, effort, and money to make noise or impact in the ocean of social media.


#3 Sell on Online Marketplaces

You make money by listing products on online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, Lelong, 11Street, Amazon. When somebody buys from your listing, you make a profit.

Selling on online marketplaces can be one of the lowest cost methods of starting a business.

Compared to creating your own e-commerce website, you don’t need to invest money in creating your own website to start selling on an online marketplace.

However, the competition for similar products can be very strong both from locally and from China.


#4 Make Money with Google AdSense

You make money with Google AdSense by displaying Google’s ads on your website.

To make a sustainable income with Google AdSense, you will need a lot of traffic to your website. Normally traffic of more than 100,000 unique visitors a month will give you a sustainable income with Google AdSense.

If you are good at producing attractive content, writing informative blogs, or making viral Youtube videos, this is a good opportunity to make recurrent profit every month.

#5 Automatic Fare Collection Operator for Buses

Shortage of cash notes, fraud, and fake money have been a problem for bus companies in under developing countries. However, nobody wants to invest or to finance any fare collection system for old buses.

By following a proven financial model based on charging a minimum deposit on each passenger stored-value card, it will be a big money-making business with minimum or no investment.

Operating as an Automatic fare collection operator independent from the bus company, you can have a positive cash flow of investment over USD 1 million, and earn about USD 1 million every year for a population of a million passengers.

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#6 Cash Back from Travel sites

If you have a big fan, you can make good recurrent cashback earning from your supporters. A thousand supporters can generate tens of thousand dollar cash back from travel booking.

How it works:

Join the program and obtain your promotion link. If your supporters use your link to popular sites such as Ctrip,, Expedia,,… you will get cashback from 1-5%. Same website, same pricing, no extra login

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#7 Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

You get paid a commission when you help someone else sell their products.
Affiliate marketing can be done through many different kinds of channels such as affiliate network CJ, large eCommerce portals like Amazon, or some small companies with industrial products.

For example, specializes in smart card custom printing offers a creative affiliate program. Once you get a new customer purchased from us, you are likely to get all commission from this customer’s future purchase.

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