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Differences between MIFARE and NTAG

Mifare and NTag are both products of NXP. They both complied with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and operated at the same frequency of 13.56 MHz with a typical read/write distance of 10 cm (4 inches)

Even people in the industry don’t quite understand what should they use in their applications.

NTag, the name, tells you that NTag should be related to the RFID tag applications such as in retail and shipping logistics.

NTag has the following key features related to its application:
1/ Low Cost
2/ A minimal password protection
3/ Anti-teasing to avoid incomplete writing of data due to fast and frequent access.

On the other hand,

Mifare, starting from Plus, Ultralight C, to Desfire, has the following key features related to its main application for a payment transaction.
1/ Higher cost
2/ DES or/and AES encryption technology for higher security
3/ Ultralight C has lower security and lower cost for Automatic Fare Collection
4/ Desfire has higher security for large dollar transaction applications.

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