UID Printing

We can read the UID and print it on each blank card or offset printed card.

serial number

Example of UID printing:

The most common way “Little Endian” or “Intel” reading method, that is [byte 3][byte 2][byte 1][byte 0], and the converted decimal number matched the printed number on the card.

Card label :

BYTE 0 = E4

BYTE 1 = 3A

BYTE 2 = C9

BYTE 3 = D2

Little Endian reading = D2 C9 3A E4 (in hexadecimal)

Little Endian reading = 3536403172 (in decimal) using the calculator in Microsoft Windows

Order lead time is 7-14 working days.

minimum order of 50 cards

Additional cost per line per card (Price in US$)

Quantity UID Printing
per line per card $0.10