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Mifare® Card manufacturer gives affiliates more than just one-time commission! offers the most creative affiliate program in the industry.

Once you get a new customer purchased from us, you are likely to get all commission from this customer’s future purchase.

How it works?

We don’t use affiliate link to track commission because it is one-time deal only.

Each affiliate will have its affiliate Discount Coupon Code based on its affiliate ID. If your customer applies your Discount Coupon, your customer will receive a discount of 5% and you will get the commission. It is highly likely that your customer will continue to use your Discount Coupon!

Customers normally repeat their orders for many years

Mifare Cards are used in loyalty program, membership program, student or employee ID. Customers normally repeat their orders for many years.

We offer an attractive 5% commission on sales. Don’t wait and Sign Up Now !

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